Welcome to the official website of the 2009 Canada Games, a national multi-sport and cultural event being held August 15-29, 2009 in the Province of Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Since 1967, the Canada Games has evolved to become the pinnacle of national competition for Canadian athletes and includes divisions for persons with disabilities and an arts component called the National Artist Program.

The 2009 Games are being organized and staged by the Prince Edward Island 2009 Canada Games Host Society, an incorporated not-for-profit organization, in co-operation with the national body, the Canada Games Council.

While Prince Edward Island may be Canada’s smallest province, Islanders are no strangers to hosting large-scale regional, national and international sporting events and are famous for their warm hospitality.

Whether you are a participant, fan or volunteer, we invite you to come play with us in 2009, for a uniquely P.E.I. Canada Games.

About This Site
Residents of PEI were very proud to host the 2009 Canada Games and were disappointed when the website went offline. So we decided to bring it back! We wanted to preserve this great memory and also have a place where we can showcase some of the best moments from the games.

A Look Back

We plan on posting more content and videos about the 2009 Canada Games, but here is a short teaser for you on one of the provinces most proud moments!