2009 PEI Games

The 2009 Canada Games were awarded to the Province of Prince Edward Island on August 21, 2006. Since then, a dedicated and growing group of Islanders has been working towards staging Canada’s ultimate inter-provincial and territorial sporting competition from August 15-29, 2009.

Over this two week period, we expect 4,400 participants, 6,000 volunteers, 10,000 visitors from ‘off-Island’, and over 300 media. Because the 2009 Games will be staged across the entire Province, participants, visitors and Islanders alike will have plenty of opportunity to experience the beauty and cultural uniqueness of Prince Edward Island. Some unique characteristics of the Games include the fact that there will be two Athletes Villages, one for week one, and another for week two, and that the sport competition will be held in over 40 different venues. Our 2009 Canada Games will truly be spread from tip to tip!

The hosting of a Canada Games is a huge undertaking for any Host Society, and we could not do it without the support of our funding partners, the Governments of Canada and Prince Edward Island, as well as our corporate sponsors.