2009 Sports

At the 2009 Canada Games, there will be 18 different sports. Sports are selected for a particular Canada Games program approximately five years in advance. The Canada Games Council sends a call for applications to the national sport organizations with a detailed sport selection process that includes minimum eligibility criteria, one being a requirement for at least nine affiliated provincial or territorial sport organizations and a level 3 technical program under the National Coaching Certification Program. Once the sport is confirmed, the national sport organization develops a ‘technical package’ that is sent to each provincial / territorial team outlining what is required to submit an entry for that particular sport.

The two-week Canada Games has some sport events taking place in Week 1, and others in Week 2. The determination of what sports will take place in what week largely depends on balancing both the total number of athletes and gender. There are approximately 4,400 athletes, coaches and managers coming to Prince Edward Island over two weeks in 2009, about 2,200 each week.

Schedules will be posted on the website as soon as they become available.