Multi-Party Agreement signed for 2009 Games

February 8, 2008 Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island РPartners preparing for the 2009 Canada Games in Prince Edward Island announced today that the Multi-Party Agreement confirming support to the Host Society is now official. The Multi-Party Agreement was signed on behalf of the Government of Canada by the Honourable Jos̩e Verner, Minister of Canadian Heritage and the Honourable Helena Guergis, Secretary of State (Foreign Affairs and International Trade) (Sport); the Honourable Carolyn Bertram, Provincial Minister of Communities, Cultural Affairs and Labour; Larry Smith, Chair and Sue Hylland, President and CEO of the Canada Games Council; and Joseph Spriet, President of the PEI 2009 Canada Games Host Society.

The Multi-Party Agreement defines the Host Society rights associated with hosting the 2009 Canada Games and provides the terms and conditions for each party in regards to financial and organizational support in the execution of the Games. The 2009 Canada Games will take place August 15-29th, across Prince Edward Island.

Sue Hylland explained how the signing of this agreement is an indication of support and cooperation amongst all the partners involved in these Games. “The cornerstone of the Canada Games is our ability to cooperate and merge agendas for the development of our next generation of national, international and Olympic champions while executing an outstanding Games. It is the commitment of all levels of government that contributes to the success of these Games and that commitment has been in place since the very first Canada Games in Quebec City in 1967.”

“The signing of the Multi Party Agreement represents a significant milestone for our Host Society,” stated Joseph Spriet. “The Host Society will access a number of federal and provincial programs to enable us to meet our budget obligations, but this agreement, in particular, provides funding of approximately $16 million from both levels of governments, giving us a strong foundation from which to continue building support.”

The 2009 Canada Games, which will include golf and triathlon for the first time and also features events for athletes with physical and intellectual disabilities, marks the 22nd time in history the Games have been held and the second time on Prince Edward Island. As well, the 2009 Canada Games will represent the first time the event has been hosted province-wide as opposed to being awarded to a municipality.

“As the largest single investor of sport in this country, the Government of Canada is proud to be part of the 2009 Canada Games in Prince Edward Island”, said Helena Guergis, Secretary of State (Foreign Affairs and International Trade) (Sport). “The Canada Games are an important event for the development of Canadian athletes with valuable training and competition experience and an opportunity for those who wish to pursue their objectives as the next generation of Canada’s national team members.”

“Our government is pleased to support the 2009 Canada Games through this Multi-Party Agreement,” said Hon. Carolyn Bertram, Provincial Minister responsible for Sport. “This is the largest sporting event ever to be held in our province and – with an estimated economic impact of more than $90 million dollars – it is a wonderful opportunity for us to showcase our province, and to support our own young athletes.”

During this action-filled two-week period beginning August 15, 2009, over 4,400 participants including athletes ranging in age from 12 to 23 will compete against each other in 18 sports for the right to claim the Canada Games Flag as their own.

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