Official 2009 Canada Games Clothing now on sale

November 23, 2007 Charlottetown, PEI – The 2009 Canada Games Host Society along with Event Max Merchandising & Promotions Ltd. today announced that official 2009 Canada Games clothing is available, just in time for Christmas.

Top-quality adult and youth clothing by various well-known manufacturers including jackets, vests, performance polos and a variety of shirts bearing the 2009 Canada Games logo are available now at Source for Sport locations in Charlottetown and Summerside.

The 2009 Games represents the ninth time Event Max has been involved with the design, manufacturing and distribution of clothing for the Canada Games. British Columbia-based Event Max won the right to manage the merchandise program as Official Merchandising Licensee for the 2009 edition of the Games by responding to a request for proposals that was issued by the Friends of the Games Division, the fundraising arm of the 2009 Canada Games. Event Max also supplies gear for Canadian Curling Association events such as the Scotties.

Host Society President, Joseph Spriet explained that Event Max is working with local retailers such as Source for Sports to sell the branded clothing as Authorized Retailers. “We are pleased to have the expertise of Robin Henry of Event Max to help position the 2009 Canada Games through a merchandise program, but we also wanted to ensure Island companies could participate and benefit as well. Therefore, we are thrilled to welcome the first of our Authorized Retailers to the program, Source for Sports.” Other retailers who are interested in becoming an Authorized Retailer are asked to contact Robin Henry toll-free at 1 877 763 8608 ext.12 or email to

Wayne Carew, Vice president and volunteer leader of the Friends of the Games Division added, “When Islanders purchase a 2009 Canada Games garment, they can feel confident knowing that they are receiving the high quality associated with the Games, while also supporting the financing and staging of the event.”

Event Max will be developing new and unique clothing and accessories, adding to the product line early in 2008.

About the 2009 Canada Games
The primary objective of the Canada Games is national and provincial sport development of Canadian youth. The Games provide the stimulus for Canadian youth to reach their athletic potential, pursue personal excellence and develop socially and culturally within the context of ethical competition.

The organizing committee for the 2009 Canada Games was formed in 2006 after Prince Edward Island was awarded the rights to host the event. The committee was incorporated as the PEI 2009 Canada Games Host Society, a not-for-profit corporation and is committed to planning and delivering an outstanding athlete-centred, multi-sport and cultural event that: promotes stakeholder excellence, is of national significance, has sustainable legacies and is fiscally responsible.

The 2009 Canada Games will be hosted on Prince Edward Island from August 15-29 including approximately 4,400 athletes, coaches, and managers competing in 18 sports over the two week period. A cultural component called the National Artist Program, with young artists from each province and territory taking part, is also included in the Games schedule.

The 2009 Canada Games is truly a Prince Edward Island event with activities happening right across the province. Week one of the Games will be based in the western part of the province with the Athletes’ Village at Slemon Park near Summerside, with week two based in the eastern part of the province and the Athletes’ Village moving to the University of Prince Edward Island in Charlottetown.

The organization of the Canada Games is made possible thanks to the governments of Canada and Prince Edward Island, the Canada Games Council and the Host Society.

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